Kid Rock Punched Someone at Bohemian Grove

The jogan experience.

I’ve been down so many rabbit holes, so many 9/11 rabbit holes, so many you know Bohemian Grove, rabbit holes, bones.

I got kicked out, did you?

You went to the Grove.

Yeah, Oh, why’d you get kicked out?

Weird, weird.

I punched a kid in the head.

You punched a kid in the head in Bohemian Grove.

Yeah, turns out.

It turns out this kid was an infiltrator.

So then, after that, I was kind of this hero.

Like a year or two later, he come back.

I was like: I’m not coming to your little weird party out in the Woods.

I was like I went once and ain’t that cool?

So the infiltrator, what happened with you and the infiltrator we’re sitting on?

We’re sitting on this fire.

You have these little.

They’re kind of like tree houses or campsites, but they’re really nice.

Everyone has a private Chef, got like.

You know.

Really, yeah, you do share room.

Me and Jimmy John shared a room.

That was fun.

Um, and I can’t remember kids talking around his fire and he’s

Popp start popping that

And I just went at him.

Oh, gave him a couple, helped him up like, hey, we good, we were.

I think.

You know we weren’t on great terms, but I think we had an understanding.

It wasn’t.

It was just, you know one of those things

And then I couldn’t go to the, to the concert that night.

I think Zack Brown or somebody was playing like you can’t come.

I had just sit home like I was in time out or something.

I’m like this place.

Meanwhile You’re a Kid Rock and you’re getting left alone by these people with some crazy person and you defend yourself.

Weird, there’s going to be a certain percentage of people that are just out of their minds and if you haven’t vetted them, that’s on you.

Kck F, remember, it could have been drunk or whatever.

It wasn’t the end of the world.

It was a little tussle and a little hit the ground, maybe a punch here and there.

It was like you know.

Then it was done.

It wasn’t like you know, but it was a fight.

I guess you’re just a nice guy.

You didn’t beat him to death, it was a tussle.

You’re a nice guy, but it’s um how many people infiltrate that place because a bunch of people have filmed videos there.

Now I have no idea.

Alex Jones was the first him and J Ronson.

This is back before.

Alex Jones was persona non Grata and people would do legit, like legitimate journalists like John Ronson, would do these things with them.

Not familiar?

You never seen that video of them in Boh?

I’ve never heard of John Ronson.

John Ronson’s a brilliant guy.

He’s a. uh, what, what is his Exa?

He’s an author.

He wrote that book.

Uh, so you’re getting publicly shamed about, like social media shaming, you know, like he’s an interesting guy.

He’s a very funny guy, but he so he went with uh Alex to Bohemian Grove and they filmed these rituals.

These people dressed like Druids and they’re burning this Effigy in front of a giant owl statue.

Oh the, I was it the owl statue?

This is hilarious.

So I’m there on day one, right, and we’re drinking beers like it’s pretty laid.

Back there there’s some really cool talks.

Remember this dude talking about shooting asteroids out that might hit the earth in so many years like that.

I’m like this is cool, but the first day, it was the first evening, and you gather around whatever the owl by this Lake, if I remember correctly, which could be a little hazy.

It was a long time ago and like I’m I’m.

I’ve heard about this place.

I’m like this is some real secret ass man.

I can’t believe I’m here right, and it’s just a trove of celebrities.

Everywhere you turn, it’s just a a.

So you go there

And I’m like thinking we’re going to hear some.

Right, they’re.

They’re about to introduce the first speaker and I’m like this is going to be some.

And they’re like and no offense against this guy.

We, we consider him friendly, we have very good mutual friends, but they’re like, ladies and Gent, gentleman, Tony Danza, and I’m like

And I’m like what I’m like.

Come on, man, who’s a boss?

Tell them: wish you would have just gone up there and be like who’s the boss.

That’s hilarious.

I was like.

No way, man.

I was like.

We came all the way, this secret ass, and I love Tony, love him, but I’m like, come on man.

I was like they brought Reagan back from the dead

And he’s going to speak.

Or hologram or some like you were hoping for some devil, just some crazy, one way or the other.

He he’s a very good speaker, I got to say.

But maybe they toned it down.

Maybe they toned it down infiltrated.

Oh really, I’m terrible with dates, but it’s long time ago.

Okay, because when Alex snuck in was like, was it like the 90s, Jamie?

What was it like when Alex Jones and John Ronson stuck in the Bohemian Grove?

That’s when they first got that video.

I I want to say it was in the 9s.

I want say it was like 99 or something like that.

I did have some fun there.

I guess was weird.

I met like, uh, Paul Pelosi and his son, oh boy.

And like Chris Matthews, like you know, but I was hanging out with them.

We’re were having cool conversations, kind of weird.

And then they asked me like I had to come play my guitar, oh no.

And like sing at one of these Camp things, and I was like I feel so used, feel so dirty, like I don’t do this, man, what the?

Yeah, That’s got to be weird.

Hey, man, play us a song.

Well, was kind of like a unspoken requirement, like a wink, wink, like you need to take your guitar over there.

You know if you want to be in good graces or be a team player type deal.

And I’m like, yeah, I really don’t.