Kardashian Family Gives Strong Warning Over Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr’s Relationship

In the latest Kardashian drama.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly receiving advice from her mom, Chris Jenner, and sister Khloe Kardashian regarding her rumored romance with Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. according to inside sources, Chris and Khloe are cautioning Kim not to take the relationship too seriously.

They believe that Kim may end up having to babysit Odell due to his behavior.

The last thing Kim wants to do as police Odell revealed a source, but she doesn’t T want a guy who s still doing these types of things either.

The Insider emphasized that Kim shouldn’t have to babysit the person she’s dating, hinting that Odell might not be the right match for her.

Khloe Kardashian, who has reportedly dated Odell in the past, has been particularly vocal about her concerns.

Sources revealed that Khloe has informed Kim that Odell hasn’t changed and is not to be trusted.

Khloe believes that Odell can be a bit of a player and is surprised that Kim is choosing to overlook that aspect of his personality.

The advice from Khloe is not fueled by jealousy, but rather a genuine concern for her sister’s well-being.

The Source added she swears this isnt jealousy.

She just doesn’t te want to see her sister treated the way she was.

Kim and Odell have been discreetly keeping their relationship out of the public eye, having been spotted together only once earlier this month.

In a surprising turn of events, the Kardashian drama takes a backseat as Kim Kardashian Graces the front row of balenciaga’s fall winter 2024 Runway show.

During Paris Fashion Week, known for her bold fashion choices, Kim made heads turn by wearing a black lace gown with a floorlength train and an open back adorned with a conspicuous white price tag hanging down her spine.

Contrary to the initial impression that Kim committed a fashion faux paw, it was revealed that she intentionally embraced this Unique Style.

The Balenciaga show featured models walking down the catwalk with price tags still attached to their clothes.

Kim, always in on the joke, took this gimmick to the next level, making a statement about the the often excessive world of fashion.

With her dark brunette hair styled in a high ponytail, Kim showcased the backless design of the dress.

Her accessories were minimal, consisting of black pumps and a silver bangle with her Iphone attached.

The look was completed with smoky eye makeup, pink lipstick and Bronzy Contour.

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