Ice Cube REVEALS Why Oprah Is So SCARED Of Katt Williams’ NEW Interview!(Video) .V


You do understand.

Whenever we want to take you down, we can right.

What makes them so mad? talking about the club of Gatekeepers that we all got to deal with, you know who they are

And they definitely know who they are.

Ice cube has couldn’t stay silent watching the big exposure of all industry bigwigs.

You probably still remember that.

Tell all interview of Cat Williams earlier this year.

Well, ice cubes rumored to be on team, cat hinting that there might be more juicy stuff to come and more industry Giants to be dethroned, the grape Vines buzzing with Whispers that ice cubes, suggesting cat might have more secrets to Spill and Oprah could be the next Target, he drags into the spotlight.

As insiders claim, the rapper thinks Oprah might be feeling a bit nervous about what cat could say.

Now, if you haven’t heard, there’s been some talk about Oprah being a bit Shady in real life and allegedly involved in some stuff that may cost her career and her wealth.

If you would taken you down, it would have.

It would have taken.

It will take you out.

It’s not news for everyone that Ice Cube’s all about truth, and this time he’s throwing a net of support to Cat Williams, especially when it seems like a lot of their fellow Celbs, like Kevin Hart and Dave Chapel, are threatening the comedian with some serious backlash for his candid thoughts.

Well, Ice Cube is not like these cowards.

He and Cat Williams go way back, teaming up multiple times in Classics like Friday after next and first Sunday.

These two have shared way more than just a few moments together behind the screen, and Iceq knows for sure why.

Some Industries giant like Oprah are feeling a bit uneasy about.

Cap looks like the comedian has the proof that Oprah might be a Handler for shady Hollywood Elit.

At some point you have to figure out what example are you trying to be.

Over the Decades of her career, She’s accused of using her influence to help the Elite control black artists, and it’s not some old Stories.

The most recent Clash happened when Terg P Henson hinted that Oprah might not have the backs of black artists, stating they play in your face, and I’m just supposed to smile and Gran and bear and just keep going.

Enough is enough.

Ever since the late ’90s, Oprah Show was a place to be for black artists.

She used to talk big about supporting Black Talent and giving them a chance to shine, and that’s how she got famous.

But here’s where it gets interesting rumors started swirling that the TV icon was actually working for another boss in her real agenda, far from showing support, and I wanted to be able to be in control so I could manage what was going to happen in their lives.

When you start digging deeper into Oprah’s past, a lot of crazy details surface.

Apparently, her real purpose in the industry was to rule over the black community, and her bosses gave her enough power to shut down everyone who was trying to speak against her.

It’s all started with rapper ludicrous, who called out Oprah for using her show to criticize artists and make them look bad.

While it happened many years ago, Oprah was eager to show ludicrous his place in the society, and their interaction on her show was from being enjoyable, if you believe what the rapper has to say.

He openly blamed the TV icon for cutting his comments and pushing her own narrative without discussing it with him.

She cut you off right.

She cut you.

She Ed out what you had to say.

Pretty much okay.

That’s what it came down.

That was the only time he confessed that he regretted his decision to go on Oprah Show to promote his new film crash.

Instead of letting ludicrous talk about his role, she called him out for using the nword in his music.

Ludicrous wasn’t happy about it.

He said she edited out a lot of my comments while keeping her own in.

Of course it’s her show, but we were doing a show on racial discrimination and she gave me a hard time as a rapper when I came on there as an actor.

But here’s where things get messed up.

Ludicrous fired back with some real talk, but Oprah cut out his response from the final show.

It made it look like ludicrous didn’t have anything to say.

It wasn’t a personal feud between these two and it showed the actor who was pulling the strings in the industry looked like I kind of took it wow, like was just quiet and didn’t say yes, Ma, I did yes, Mother, yes.

But according to rumors, ludicrous was just the beginning.

It gave Oprah a glimpse into what she was allowed to do to other artists just because she felt like it.

Many people had a feeling of her being shady for years.

As one person wrote, she’s not a queen, she’s just a woman who succeeded in the Quest for fame and fortune and fan user added.

I’m sure she didn’t become a billionaire without doing some dirt.

Look at some of her Shady peers that she hangs with and she’s always grinning from ear to ear with them in photos.

And if you thought that was the end of the drama, think again.

Remember when Oprah seemed to throw shade at Michael Jackson after he passed away.

That’s crossing a line.

Here’s the backstory.

The late singer played a big role in Oprah’s rise to start of back in the 90s, when he gave her an exclusive interview at his Ranch.

Um, you, wanting to have a little white boy play you in a in a in a Pepsi commercial for someone as private as Michael was inviting a complete St her into his home, was a big deal.

Oer used that interview to claim she and a singer were basically b f and several years after, when the music icon passed away, she betrayed their so-called friendship in the most disgusting Way by interviewing his accusers on her show.

It’s like she’s always focused on morally destroying people and pressing where it hurts.

No wonder that after that interview, Oprah faced backlash for her actions.

She got all defensive, claiming she was just trying to raise awareness about, say, in the industry.

But here’s the twist.

Oprah’s sudden support for the me too, movement seems a bit Shady.

You see, she was cozing up to none other than Harvey Weinstein, the guy who was in carcerated for sake.

80 other women have made allegations of misconduct against him.

If someone starts connecting the dots and digging deeper into Oprah actions, a lot of Ugly Truth May surface, and we don’t need Cat Williams or anyone to see the real side of this woman.

In 2018, singer Seal slammed her for knowing about Weinstein’s Behavior towards young women for decades and doing nothing about it.

In a shocking turn of events, the media Mogul replied to the accusations of introducing young women to Waynein, saying they were true.

There wasn’t anything illegal by me introducing very young women, introducing very young women into Harvey Weinstein’s home.

Most were over 20 one.

What they did was none of my business.

This is just how it is in the industry, if you want to get ahead.

Although Oprah repeatedly stated that she’s a Survivor herself, by covering for her longtime friend, she demonstrated a double standard in her own judgment, and who knows what else this woman is hiding from the public eye.

It’s just.

It’s just my nature.

I come from a willingness to understand and to be understood.

So when in 2017, more than a dozen women accused Weinstein of Say, things started to look nasty for the producer.

Many other women in the film industry subsequently reported similar experiences with Weinstein.

And guess what Oprah did, folks.

Well, she tried to shift the focus from Weinstein.

It’s like she’s living in some kind of reality where the rules change every time and it’s her who decide what game she’s playing at the moment.

Remember when Teri shared the truth about Oprah not really having the backs of black women in the industry.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After working with Oprah for a while, the actors came out with some shocking revelations: 20 plus years in the game and I hear the same thing and I see what you do for another production

And it’s time for us to go to bed.

She stated that she was heavily underpaid for her role in the movie and Oprah didn’t lift a finger to improve the working conditions on the set.

Apparently, when the project is in the hands of Heavy Hitters like Oprah, everything is doomed since the start.

As the cast complained, when we first came and were doing rehearsals, they put us all in the same space.

We didn’t have our own dressing rooms at the time.

We didn’t have our own food.

These and other multiple issues on set had caused a rift between the cast and Oprah, with many people wondering why actors had to beg for food.

Ter, an actress with more than two decades in the game, was the most angry of all, claiming that she’s tired to fight for basic things all the time.

It was especially embarrassing in the project where Oprah, the alleged advocate for black W, was wearing the producer hat offered 75, and then we fought and fought until we got 150.


Terg spilled the tea that Oprah didn’t exactly go to bat for her until she laid down the ultimatum of walking away from the whole project.

Now it looks like Oprah has to finally face the consequences of her actions and choices, and fans know for sure she has more secrets.

As one person commented, Oprah is a wrongdoer in the industry as well as a gatekeeper for black entertainers, and another user added she’s made a truckload money should go into hiding and make us all happy.

Well, Oprah definitely has something to hide from the public, and Cat may be the one to expose all her true colors in his next big interview.

But, folks, what do you think about all this?

Is she truly going into hiding because of the looming exposure, and could cat go after her next?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check my other videos.