Ice Cube Faces Kanye West’s Accusations Head-On Amidst Controversial Remarks! (Video).V

You know, cubes really set me up for this girl man.

It’s like you really.

You really influenced me to get on this anti-semite.

You know five and I. and I’m here to.

I’m here to.

I’m here to finish the job.

I’m here to nap Back Down.

Kanye West just said that it was Ice Cube who inspired him to pull his Paris Fashion Week stunt, but Cube says otherwise.

In fact, Ice Cube took huge offense after he mentioned his name and basically dragged him into the controversy.

The rapper turned actor expressed his disappointment with Kanye through a series of tweets and wished that he hadn’t put words into his mouth.

Ice Cube also denied all the things Kanye West said during the interview, and everyone on the Internet is talking about it.

So how did Ice Cube react?

Let’s find out Ice Cube didn’t beat around the Bush and tweeted out how he didn’t have any say in the white lives matter.

Shirt, Kanye West decided on during Fashion Week.

In a tweet, the rapper clarified and said: hate that my name was dragged into this drunk Champs Bs.

I don’t know what he meant by his statements.

You’re going to have to ask him.

I didn’t put the batteries in his back.

Please leave my name out of all the anti-semitic talk.

I’m not had to submit.

It can never have been so.

Then, uh, we made the white lives matter tease.

And then, when I put up the the Tweet, the Defcon Tweet, nah, he ain’t.

He ain’t released in the teeth because he’s Jewish

And I’m like.

See, this is my exact point that I’m making.

Like Jewish people have owned the black voice.

The ad to submitted comments by Kanye were triggered after he was suspended by Twitter and Instagram for his disturbing comments about Jewish people, and if you ever have the time to watch the drink champ interview, you’ll know how he was so unbothered and continued talking nonsense about Jews.

This is why Ice Cube wants nothing to do with all his nonsensical talk.

However, there are a few people who also called out cube for his past comments, which were very anti-semitic.

But the reaction to Kane’s remarks during the interview kind of overshadowed the resurface comments he made in the past.

In one tweet, Brian Elabe, a contributor to Newsmax, said the words finish, the job are eerily close to Hitler’s.

The final solution panes Beyond deranged.

He’s dangerous.

He’s inspiring hate against Jews.

Anyone who supports him is complicit with this bile Jew hatred.

Well, that’s it for today’s video.

See you next time.