Ice Cube Explains How Hollywood Wants To ELIMINATE Kanye West (Video).V

I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry, but tonight Kanye West has completely reshaped the landscape of hip-hop.

It was a breath of fresh air when he first appeared on the music scene.

His rap style included humorous wordplay and a unique blend of sound that ultimately distinguished him from other rappers.

He became one of the most influential musicians of our time.

However, the rapper has been known to exhibit many questionable behaviors and make uncomfortable remarks.

That has left many shocked.

But what if there was some truth to Yi’s many remarks and is now considered a threat to a particular group?

Today’s video will focus on Ice Cube’s Revelations that Kanye West could be in danger due to his shaky past.

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Ice Cube has revealed that a secret group of the industry Gatekeepers have tried to ruin his career and eliminate Kanye West.

In a recent interview, Cube talked about make picking up with Kanye and shared more information about how the Hollywood Elites and Gatekeepers tried to portray him in a bad light and remove him from the scene.

However, people’s reactions to Ice Cube’s anti-gigkeepers tour have been mixed.

Some fans believe he should keep exposing the industry’s dark side, While others are of the opinion that he should keep quiet and have gone on to label him as an untrustworthy conspiracy theorist.

But before we get into the details, let’s see what really caused the beef between Ice Cube and Kanye.

The pair had been long time friends, but their friendship experienced a rough patch last year when Kanye made controversial comments about Cube during an appearance on the podcast drink Champs.

The controversy began in October when Kanye was accused of making some very questionable remarks in his tweets, which he later clarified were directed at certain Shady Hollywood Executives trying to harm him.

Despite his explanation, Kanye faced severe consequences, leading him to be immediately blacklisted, losing multiple lucrative contracts and getting banned from all social media platforms.

But Kanye didn’t back down.

Instead, he started his podcast tour to expose the industry’s Sinister attempts to discredit him.

During one of these podcast appearances, Kanye talked about a troubling incident from 2016..

He revealed how he was put on a psychiatric hold, even though he was misdiagnosed.

He hinted that his Handler might have tried to poison him with lithium, a medication used for mental health conditions.

Kanye went on to say how they wanted to give him an overdose of lithium, which he refused.

He believed that it was the right decision and the story would have been different had he listened to them.

Kanye went on to reveal that he believes that they have done the same to Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

He expressed concerns about the long-term effects of the gatekeeper’s medication and how it affected Britney Spears’s brain over the years.

And a crazy twist: Aaron Carter, a former pop star, was reported dead in his bathtub shortly after he tweeted to Kanye that they needed to talk.

This happened weeks after Kanye had made these claims.

According to Kanye, Aaron Carter wanted to talk about Harley Pasternak, Kanye’s ex-personal trainer, who reportedly threatened to have him institutionalized.

He said that if it were him that they killed, the blame would have been put on his mental health.

At this point, people began to speculate that there must have been some truth to everything Kanye said, since there were simply too many coincidences that didn’t add up.

As for Ice Cube, he initially chose shows not to respond to Kanye’s comments, even though he had faced accusations of anti-Semitism.

However, the situation changed when Kanye appeared on a show and asserted that Cube had influenced his views.

Kanye expressed that Q played a significant role in shaping his perspective.

I was introduced to Eminem music.

Ice Cube, feeling unfairly blamed for influencing Kanye and promoting his erratic Behavior, took to Twitter to defend himself.

He stated that he had no involvement in Kanye’s beliefs.

Ice Cube also expressed frustration at having his name dragged into the discussion.

He said: I don’t know what ye meant by his statements.

You’re going to have to ask him I didn’t put the batteries in his back.

Cube also clarified that he did not support or promote Kanye’s views and asked people not to associate him with such views.

He was more blunt in an interview with Mike Tyson, where he said he was not going to be dragged into Kanye’s drama.

I mean you know when somebody, somebody, turn it out then say he did it because of you, you got to say something about that Without Really explaining what he meant, and I just really couldn’t leave that statement out there without you know.

He never explained what he meant.

However, Cube appears to have reconciled with Kanye months later, as he was seen in June smiling and hugging the rapper outside his home and Marina Del Rey.

So what made ice cube change his mind towards Kanye?

Maybe it had to do with Ice Cube’s popular video on Twitter, where he criticized Hollywood Gatekeepers and outlined his plan to expose the hidden industry that supposedly attempted to eliminate Kanye.

In the video, Ice Cube mentioned that The Gatekeepers became upset when someone declined their invitation to join their club, though he did not explicitly mention the name of the glove.

However, fans immediately jumped on, saying that they understood who he was talking about.

Cube accused the Nba and the media of trying to ruin his three-on-three basketball league, the big three.

He said that this happened because he’s not part of their Club.

This made many people ask if Ice Cube was not interested in working with the Nba anymore, but Ice Cube claimed that interest had nothing to do with it, but rather the fact that they were trying to work against him was discouraging.

He said they should stop the unnecessary activities they were doing behind the scenes and say: you know, he did it because of you.

You got to say something about that.

You know what I’m saying.

It’s like home.

Cube shared that he will begin interviewing and appearing on podcasts because he felt responsible for exposing and speaking out about the questionable things he has observed in the industry.

He said he plans to go on a podcast tour to talk to various Gatekeepers.

In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, Cube disclosed that he turned down a 9 million dollar movie role because he refused to take the covet vaccine.

Cube initially wanted to avoid publicly explaining why he turned down the movie role.

Unfortunately, someone leaked the information to the press and he was wrongly labeled as anti-vaccine.

He felt it was unfair to reveal his medical status without his consent.

However, in a recent conversation with Logan, Paul Cube clarified that he was not against covet vaccines.

He said he believed that people should be free to choose rather than coerced or scared into taking the shot.

You’ve emphasized that he is not against vaccines in general and has been vaccinated multiple times throughout his life.

He expressed concerns about people losing their jobs or facing family conflicts.

Due to this issue, you turned down a nine million dollar movie role in 2021 because you wouldn’t take the covid vaccine as being mandated in Hollywood at the time.

Any regrets?

There’s a lot of money, not at all.

Aside that Cube realized he reacted too angrily when Kanye mentioned him in his drink Champs interview, which is why he apologized to Ye.

Cube worried for Kanye’s life after witnessing The industry’s Gatekeepers willingness to remove anyone who tried to speak out against them.

Regarding Cuban Yee’s present relationship, Cube recently said that they’re on excellent terms and have never had any serious conflict.

Cube was asked about Kanye’s statements on drink Champs during an appearance on Piers Morgan uncensored, and Cube claimed that the only reason he separated himself from those words at the time was that Kanye didn’t convey the complete context when he mentioned, but instead generalized it.

The cube said that he should have mentioned people that wronged him.

He also shared that Kanye is still facing challenges from those same individuals who are now trying to harm him.

Despite this, Cube believes Kanye is doing well overall and is in a good place regarding their actions.

Many fans praise Cube and Kanye for standing up to the industry Gatekeepers.

However, some call cube a sellout and a conspiracy theorist, suggesting he should be blacklisted like Kanye.

Cube addressed these speculations, asserting that he works for himself and is self-made.

He questioned those who accuse him of selling out.

Despite the criticism, many fans defended Cube, expressing their support for him standing with Kanye despite the industry’s attempts to suppress him.

They noticed a positive change in Cube’s approach after teaming up with Kanye.

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