Diddy in Panic Mode as Producer Confirms Long-Held Suspicions (Video).V

Jones also alleges coms forced him to engage in unwelcome acts with workers and that coms and his staff engaged in-

Quote- serious illegal activity.

He is seeking $30 million.

He claimed that Diddy groped his, touched his.

He believes that Diddy was have sex.

He says that did.

He downplayed it, just like he, as a joke like:

Oh we just playing around um horse playing.



Yeah, yeah, looks like Diddy might be gearing up for a rough ride and it could be heading straight into the slammer.

He might be trading in his threads for an orange jumpsuit sooner than we think.

The guy’s been catching nothing but bad breaks lately and honestly it’s about time.

I mean, with all the dirt that’s been dug up on him, it’s no wonder he’s tossing and turning at night like between all the scandals and controversies swirling around him.

It’s got to be weighing heavy on his mind.

And it’s not just the lack of shuty that’s got him on edge.

Word on the street is that he’s in full-on panic mode 247.


Well, aside from the endless drama swirling around him, there’s this producer who’s got him in a choke hold and isn’t letting up this producer spilling all the tea on the atrocious and downright disgusting stuff Diddy’s allegedly been up to, and it might just be the final nail in the coffin for his career.

Remember Cassie’s lawsuit.

That was just the warm-up.

This producer is promising us- a roller coaster of Revelations that’ll make that look like Child’s Play.

So yeah, Diddy, Sweating Bullets isn’t exactly a stretch.

The guy’s built an Empire over the years, but it’s all teetering on the edge of collapse right before our eyes.

Anyways, let’s Dive

Right In.

So turns out.

Some supposed male victims are stepping up finally, and one of them just decided to throw down the gauntlet.

And Sue Diddy.

And who’s the brave soul behind this fresh legal drama?

None other than Rodney Lilrod Jones Jr. a producer who worked on Diddy’s recent album, The Love album Off the Grid.

And the worst thing is that it’s not just Diddy in the hot seat this time.

Nope, there’s a whole crew of big names getting dragged into this mess, and they’re not being called victims, they’re being labeled as partners in crime.

We’re talking a-listers like Cuba Gooding Jr, Meek Mill, young Miami, Stevie J Usher, Chris Brown and even Diddy’s own son, Justin Combs.

But before this, Diddy decided to pull a stunt just when he thought he could wiggle his way out of trouble.

He pulls a last ditch legal maneuver trying to discredit one of the accusers and practically begging the judge to throw the whole case out.

And he even tries to play the victim card, crying foul about cancel culture.

But before the judge could even raise an eyebrow at his Antics, another lawsuit blindsides him, making it his fifth Legal Tango since November.

This lawsuit is no joke.

We’re talking a whopping 70 pages of pure legal drama.

And it’s not for the faint of heart, because it dives into some seriously disturbing allegations against Diddy.

Jones also claims that the 54-year-old music mogul tried to G him into accepting a homo relationship, alleging that this kind of thing is all too common in the music industry.

Among the laundry list of accusations is Diddy, allegedly strong, arming Jones into arranging encounters with sex workers and pressuring him into participating in some seriously unwanted bedroom activities, not just with these workers, but with others too.

And if, if that’s not enough to make your jaw, Hit the Floor, get this.

Diddy supposedly served up spiked drinks to unsuspecting guests at his Swanky parties.

According to the lawsuit, there are even screenshots supposedly showing Gatherings at Diddy’s digs that included underage girls and more Scx workers.

And get this.

Some of these ladies allegedly had their drinks tampered with at Diddy’s Direction, This legal bombshell also called out some other names, like about Diddy’s right-hand woman, Christina Corum, Universal Music Group Ceo, Sir Lucian Gra, and former Mtown record CEO O Ethiopia, Hapto Marium.

They’re all caught up in this legal Whirlwind.

Jones says in the lawsuit that Gra, Hapto Marium, Mtown records, love records and Universal Music Group effectively worked together with combs in a Rico Enterprise that failed to adequately monitor, warn or supervise the actions of combs, his son and his chief of staff.

A Rico Enterprise is any individuals or groups that act together to violate the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act and get this.

Jones isn’t just looking looking for a slap on the wrist here he’s Aiming High seeking a cool $30 million in Damages.

But an attorney for Combs is slamming Jones claims as pure fiction straight up, calling them out as a cheap ploy to grab headlines.

We have overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies.

Our attempts to share this proof with Mr Jones attorney Tyrone Blackburn have been ignored.

As Mr Blackburn refuses to return our calls, the attorney, Shan Holly, said in a statement: we will address these outlandish allegations in court and take all approp action against those who make them now.

According to Jones’s lawsuit, he claims that back in August 2022, Diddy himself reached out to him to produce some tunes for the R&b album, The Love album Off the Grid, which ended up snagging a Grammy nomination after its release in September 2023.

But here’s the kicker.

Jones says his life took a nose dive after he agreed to work with Diddy.

Jones alleges that Combs sex harassed and Aid him while he lived with him at com’s homes in Florida, Los Angeles and New York, as well as on a yacht do Combs rented in the Us Virgin Islands.

The harassment in a included constant, unsolicited and unauthorized groping and touching of his a. according to the lawsuit, Jones says he was forced to work in com’s bathroom as comb showered in a glass enclosure.

When he tried to raise the alarm about Diddy’s Behavior to Christina Korum, Diddy’s right-hand woman, Jones claimed she brushed it off as just friendly horse play, stating that those Acts were Mr com’s way of showing that he likes you.

The lawsuit accuses Coram of aiding and abetting com’s essay of Jones and of working with coms to G word him into accepting a homo relationship.

Jones also alleges that he was forced to solicit Sx workers and perform Scx acts with them to please coms to Aid in the alleged recruitment.

Jones said coms provided him with an exclusive bad boy baseball cap and required him to wear it to a Miami establishment as a signal to any sex worker he approached that coms was in town and had sent Jones to recruit them.

Jones alleges coms, whom he describes in the suit as Force and demanding and someone who does not take no for an answer, leveraged his power as one of the most influential people in hipop and business to intimidate him, including by threatening to inflict bodily harm if Jones did not comply with his demands.

On one occasion, Jones alleges comes forced him to watch as he displayed guns and bragged about getting away with shooting people.

In a separate incident, Jones alleges com shared that he was responsible for a shooting in a nightclub in New York City in 1999 with the rapper Shine born Jamal Barrow.

A jury acquitted Combs of gun possession and bribery charges in connection with that incident, while Barrow was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Jones was terrified of Combs and felt he could not tell him no according to the suit.

Mr Combs consistently made it clear that he has immense power in the music industry and with law enforcement.

The lawsuit says.

Jones says in the lawsuit that he has video and audio evidence to support some of the allegations.

The lawsuit says that coms required Jones to record him constantly and that on several occasions comes took Jones’s cell phone to record himself.

As a result, Jones alleges he has hundreds of hours of video and audio records of coms, his staff and his guests engaging in serious illegal activity.

Jones says in the suit that he believes Combs also on February 2nd 2023.

He alleges he woke up dizzy and Confused in bed with Combs and two sex workers.

In response to a request for comment, Jones attorney Tyrone Blackburn used a Latin phrase, Res Ipsa Loquitur, which Loosely translates as the thing speaks for itself.

Referring to the lawsuit, Jones says in the suit that he was under an implied work for higher agreement and was not compensated for the songs he produced on the love album.

As a result, the lawsuit says Combs, love records, mtown records and Universal Music Group were all unjustly enriched at his expense.

Guys, seriously, this lawsuit is off the charts, as we all know that before now Diddy has been sued by four women who have accused him of Sa.

Cassie, whose legal name is Cassandra.

Ventura said coms phys physically a at her and forced her to have sex with male while he got off on it and recorded the encounters.

The lawsuit was settled the day after it was filed.

The settlement was in no way an admission of wrongdoing.

Com’s lawyer Ben Brafman has said.

Following Cassie’s lawsuit, two other women, Liza Gardner and Joey Dickerson Neil, have alleged in lawsuits that com’s s Aid them, and a woman identified as Jane Doe in court documents said comes, and two other men are worded her when she was 17 and coms was 34.

Those three cases against Combs are still pending.

In a statement in December, he denied the allegations, saying enough is enough, and called the claims against him sickening.

Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged.

I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth, he said in the statement.

Guys, this is crazy.

The accusations flying around could seriously Dent Diddy’s Legacy and his whole business Empire.

I mean, after Ventura dropped her bombshell lawsuit, three of Diddy’s former artists came out in support of her, and that’s not all.

Around the same time Diddy stepped down from his chairman position at Revolt Tv.

Then in December, Hulu pulled the plug on a reality show that was supposed to be all about Diddy’s family.

And if that’s not enough drama for you, in January Diddy settled his lawsuit with Di Geo, where he was accusing them of racism.

But hold on to your seats, folks.

Cuz we’re about to dive into the other big names caught up in this legal tornado.

First up, we have Cuba Gooding Jr. according to the legal docs that Tmz managed to get their hands on, Jones believes that Diddy was pulling some shady moves with the intention of passing him off to other folks.

And get this.

He claims that Diddy introduced him to Cuba on his Swanky yacht and let’s just say things took a nose dive into uncomfortable territory real quick.

Allegedly, Cuba started making unwanted moves on Jones, totally crossing the line until Jones had to push him away.

Jones even tossed in a pick of Cuba, hugging him as supposed evidence.

Mr Combms had dominion and control over the actions of Cuba Gooding Jr and failed to step in and stop Cuba Gooding Jr from essaying Mr Jones, the suit Ledges.

Now we all know Cuba’s been down this road before.

Back in 2019, a bunch of women came forward with some seriously sketchy claims about his behavior, but this is the first time he’s dealing with accusations from another guy.

In June 2019, things got seriously messy for Cuba Gooding Junior.

The dude found himself in hot water after an incident at a Times Square bar where he was accused of getting a little too handsy with a woman.

But hold on, the legal roller coaster was far from over.

Another charge was thrown his way, but Cuba managed to dodge the jail cell by striking up a plea deal fast forward to now.

Thanks to the adult survivors act, which is the same law that allowed Cassie to sue Diddy Last November, two alleged victims of Cuba have come forward with a fresh lawsuit.

In this lawsuit from 2018, which the times got their hands on, a woman claimed that while she was working as a cocktail waitress at lavvo restaurant and Nightclub in New York, Gooding forced his tongue into her mouth without her consent.

Gooding ended up pleading guilty to a criminal forcible touching charge related to the incident.

And get this.

The lawsuit file just recently includes a chunk of the transcript from gooding’s testimony during that whole legal mess.

When the judge asked him to describe what went down, he straight up admitted I kissed the waitress on her lips and confirmed that he did it without her permission.

In the 2019 filing, Kelsey Harbert spilled the tea, claiming she approached Gooding at the magic hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge hoping to meet the actor, but things took a dark turn when she ended up sitting next to Gooding’s girlfriend harbard, alleged that Gooding, being the total boundary Crosser, reached over and decided to get handsy in all the wrong places.

She described feeling shocked as she suddenly felt his hand groping her breast, treating her like she was nothing more than a piece of meat.

Harbert wasted no time and filed a police report within a week of the incident.

And guess what Gooding ended up pleading guilty Once Again.

The video appears to show Gooding putting his hand on her thigh a few seconds later, his hand appearing to move up towards her breast.

Gooding is then seen pulling her hands to his lips.

Now fast forward to the civil lawsuit, where Gooding straight up confirmed that it was indeed non-consensual physical contact during his hearing.

Both women involved are seeking some serious damages for a and Battery, lost wages and the emotional, mental and physical toll this whole mess took on them.

Oh, and let’s not forget about those attorneys fees.

As for gooding’s Camp, they’ve been pretty tight lipped about the whole ordeal, with no immediate response to the media’s inquiries.

Gloria Alid, who’s representing the two plaintiffs, isn’t holding back.

In a statement, she made it clear that her clients aren’t backing down.

They’re seeking the Justice.

They couldn’t quite Nab in the criminal case and they’re not stopping until they get it.

Then we’ve got young Miami.

Jones is dropping Bombshells left and right, claiming he’s got solid evidence of some seriously Shady stuff going down.

He alleges that young Miami’s cousin or assistant, whoever it may be, made unwanted advances towards him.

According to Jones, things went down on Thanksgiving Day back in 2022 while he was chilling with Diddy, young Miami and her crew.

Apparently this cousin of young Miami barged into the bathroom while Jones was doing his business and things quickly escalated into some inappropriate touching.

Jones tried to push her away, but it didn’t end there.

Allegedly she then tried to get frisky right in front of Diddy and the Gang.

And that’s not all.

Jones claims young Miami was among those getting paid by Diddy for some uh extra Services fast forward to September 2022.

And there’s more drama unfolding at chalice recording studio in La. Jones alleges a friend of Diddy’s son, Justin, got shot, and he was right there, just 2 feet away from the chaos, when Diddy and Justin emerged from the restroom.

Jones says he saw the guy suffering from gunshot wounds, but here’s the kicker.

Jones claims Diddy forced him to lie to the cops about the whole thing, spinning a tale about it being a driveby.

Now Justin combms and his legal team are firing back at these wild accusations with full force.

According to a statement from his reps, Justin is flat out denying all of these absurd allegations, calling them nothing but a desperate attempt for a quick cash grab.

They are all lies.

This is a clear example of a desperate person taking desperate measures in hopes of a Payday.

The statement said there will be legal consequences for all defamatory statements made about the Combs family.

But the drama doesn’t stop there.

Stevie Jay, the Grammy winning producer from Bad Boy Records, also finds himself smack dab in the middle of these allegations from Jones.

According to Jones Didd, he use Stevie Jay’s admiration as part of some g-word process aiming to ease Jones anxieties about his sex preference.

Allegedly Diddy even showed Jones footage that he claimed was Stevie J getting cozy with another man.

But hold on, a Sec turns out.

Those screenshots weren’t exactly what they seemed.

Adult Film Star knockout stepped up on Twitter straight up saying: it’s me throwing a wrench in the whole thing, and Stevie Jay isn’t staying silent either.

He’s got his lawyer in the game ready to handle this mess.

But wait, there’s more academics.

The hip-hop commentator dug up some juicy details from the lawsuit.

It alleges that Diddy had some intimate relations with a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj and an R&B singer who performed at the Super Bowl and had a successful Vegas residency.

Now the footnotes in the lawsuit got tongues wagging suggesting these mystery celebs could be none other than Meek Mill and Usher, while it’s all still up in the air.

Folks are definitely Connecting the Dots here.

Mr comes informed Mr Jones that he had engaged his course.

A rapper.

Five, that’s redacted.

Look five.

He’s a Philadelphia rapper who dated Micki Minaj.

Didn’t see user.

Now Jones isn’t the first guy to call out Diddy Shady dealings.

There’s been Whispers from other big shots in the industry too.

Let’s start with actor and choreographer Columbus Short, who recently shared a video claiming Diddy tried to get him to come to his hotel room at 3:00 am.

In a video he straight up said Diddy tried to pull him into a late night hotel room situation at 3:00 am.

Columbus ain’t keeping quiet about it either.

He’s like I’m snitching.

I’m snitching in the kitchen.

Columbus shared the story saying he got a random call from Diddy in the middle of the night when he was still married.

Diddy was all.

Why weren’t you at the Bet Awards, Columbus being a married man?

And all was like: uh, I’m in bed with my wife.

Man Diddy, unfazed, dropped the bomb that he was at the Beverly Hills Hotel, just chilling solo.

Now, props to Columbus for speaking up, but can we please retire the word snitch, especially when it’s about reporting serious stuff like Sa, it’s not snitching, it’s being a decent human and doing your civic duty.

We need more people calling out bad behavior, not turning a blind eye.

Then there’s Usher.

Back in the 9s, Diddy ran this thing called puffy flavor Camp.

It was like a crash course for young stars to get some mentorship from the man himself.

And let me tell you the stories these celebs have spilled about their time in puffy flavor Camp are just wild.

Usher, the R&B sensation we all know, spilled the beans in 2016.

He told Howard that he really got a taste of Fame after spending a year living with Puff Daddy when he was just 14.

Picture it, young Usher wowing La Reid with his musical skills and Bam, he’s jetting off to New York to crash with puffy during the Golden Era of Bad Boy Records, all in the name of getting the real deal scoop on making it big in the music scene.

I got a chance to see some things.

I went there to see the lifestyle and I saw it.

Usher said during his first Stern Show interview: it was pretty wild, it was crazy.

Usher said, while rattling off some of the biggest names in hip-hop who were a constant Presence at Puffy’s house, including Notorious Big Lil, Kim Faith Evans, Mary J Blig and Craig Mack, I was like the little brother they called me Baby Boo.

Usher spilled.

Also there’s sway Lee, who took a trip to the Bahamas with Diddy a few years back, and then there Justin Bieber, who apparently had some fear Vibes going on whenever Diddy was around.

Now here’s a bombshell.

An unnamed guy has come forward accusing Diddy of some serious allegations dating back to 1989.

The guy claims he was Saa by Diddy and a friend after an off-campus party at Howard University.

The guy says I know this is random, but my name is blank and I was Sa by Diddy and a friend of his on April 15th 1989 in Dc.

It has taken a lot of strength for me to get to this stage of self assurance, but I now know I have nothing to be ashamed of.

I attended Howard University the same time.

He was there and I was taken advantage of after an off-campus party.

I will be the first to admit I was inebriated, Didd.

He noticed I was intoxicated and offered to give me a ride back to my dorm.

I trusted him at the time because we were acquainted with one another because we had economics class together.

This man went on to spill some explicit details about how Diddy allegedly lured him into his apartment, where another guy named Lorenzo was waiting.

According to the accuser, he was drugged and both of them took turns doing some really inappropriate stuff.

Now, remember, all of this is just the guy side of the story, but he’s not taking it lightly.

He’s prepping to sue Diddy, getting all his documents in order, and he’s dead set on making Diddy pay for what he says went down that night.

It’s a serious situation and he’s atate that it changed him forever.

Well, it looks like Diddy might have another lawsuit in his hands soon.

Guys, this situation is a total train wreck.

Seriously, it’s like we’re stuck in a never-ending spiral of disaster, and if even half of what’s being said turns out to be true, Diddy and his crew are in for a rough ride.

I mean whatever reputation they’ve got left is hanging on by a thread as this whole mess keeps unfolding.

It’s going to be one wild ride to see where it all ends up, but I’m curious to hear what you all make of this madness.

So drop your thoughts in the comments below and let’s keep this conversation going.

Catch you in the next video.