Celebrities expressed concern about Ice Cube and his health (Video).V

Trying to shut them up, but anybody’s watching now they shut up because they say if it can happen to this guy, it can happen to me because I’m so mad- is when you don’t want to be a part of a club that pisses them off.

So it seems like Ice Cube is determined to make Hollywood a better and healthier place and place high profile.

Celebs are now afraid that something sinister may happen to this man and despite his bravery, he may end up six feet under.

Even some known industry Titans are concerned for Ice Cube safety and although they secretly support him in his doing, they say that the rapper should be careful from now on.

You know if the flight of his survival.

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So in this video I’m going to share the names of Celebs who fear for the prominent West Coast music legend Ice Cube, and what they have to say about their experience of dealing with notorious Hollywood Elites.

So, as you probably know, ice has recently Unleashed his anger in his viral video where she openly announced his plans on bringing down those who took control of the show business, and it seems like Ice Cube is fed with everyone being afraid of say a word against the powerful figures polarized in all kind of ways.

Uh, people are afraid to speak out.

But here’s the thing.

Many celebs who now fear for Ice Cube’s life already had an unpleasant encounter with the murky figures that control Hollywood, and they say it was not a joyful ride.

One of the main whistleblowers in the show business, Dave Chappelle, was among the first celebs ever to warn Ice Cube about the possible consequences of his statements, and I’ve recently made a video about that.

Now Dave thinks that ice cube needs protection since he opposed something too powerful to be handled.

Dave have publicly spoken against the elites once in 2006, but until now he’s dealing with the consequences of his actions.

And let’s just remember the last year’s incident when the comedian was attacked on stage right in middle of his performance.

The Los Angeles Police Department said the 23 year old man pointed a weapon, later determined to be a replica handgun that contained a knife blade at Chapel, and the social media quickly flooded with videos of that episode for hip-hop history.

Oh, Chappelle himself believes this is a. this is a pay for speaking against the show business Elites, and he’s been living in fear ever since.

And, as the Comedian says, he doesn’t want the same fate for Ice Cube, the West Coast rapper, recently created enough Buzz among whistleblowers when he shared a video statement via his Twitter account claiming that he was not a part of Hollywood exclusive club and he had to deal with extra challenges from Gatekeepers.

Some of you may not have realized that I’m not part of the club.

Dave Chappelle believes that ice cube stepped on a very slippery Road by declaring a war on Elites, and he may even end up like Whitney Houston or Prince or, if he’s lucky, like actor Jamie Foxx.

But let’s move to another person who shares Dave’s fears for Ice Cube’s well-being, and this is another comedian who’s been mistreated and even blackballed by the industry for his bravery.

Cat Williams cat had his own share of Sorrow related to opposing the Shady figures, and he also warned Ice Cube to be more cautious and not to reveal his plans that openly.

At some point during his career, cat realized that the fate of celebrities depended on their obedience and compliance with certain rules, and he was against bending over and betraying his principles.

It is possible that there isn’t anything funnier than a guy in a dress.

According to Williams, he was to wear a dress like many men.

Forget about making it in the industry.

And here’s another prominent Persona who was worried sick for Ice Cube.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson knows better than anyone else what Hollywood Elites may do to a person, and he shared quite shocking and disgusting observations.

Talking to Joe Rogan, the former boxer stated that a human life is nothing for Elites and they wouldn’t even think twice before eliminating another person.

As Tyson said in his interview, Rich handlers using people in their wild sports games.

Whatever you think a human did to another human being, it happened.

Whatever it is, it happened, these people own these thousands of acres and nothing grows on him.

You guys may think that Tyson sounds mad, but he knows what he is saying.

He’s been in the show business for several decades and seen way worse things happening to people be homeless.

People off the streets put them in there, taking one of these special hospitals, they take them from the hospital, taking one of these large states of property.

That’s hot now.

This is all sounds truly mad, but how else all these sudden disappearances can be explained?

According to Mike, Elites constantly push their own boundaries and see how far they can go with their crimes, and when everyone starts to oppose them, they end up in a quiet, precarious position.

So Ice Cube has all the chances to become the next person to fall out of Grace and become a new victim on the list.

But, as Ice Cube says, he has no choice but to toughen up after what he had said.

Unfortunately, the choices are not, um always Top Notch.

So have you thought of running yourself?

Many fans praised the rapper for his bravery and Candor and also support everyone who’s taking his side in this campaign against the powerful Elites.

It seems like everyone wants this change in the show business and people Express their support to every celeb speaking against the mighty.

As one person commented, I am praying for all the whistleblowers.

Their lives are at stake and another user added: there’s more and more speaking out.

I think over the next couple of years the mighty are going to fall, but Ice Cube may not be able to bring down the elites by his own.

Luckily, he has a huge team of supporters and the next person on the list is Connie West.

This man has suffered the wrath of Hollywood Elites more than anyone else in the industry, and he even earned a label of being a crazy man in certain circles.

The rapper is tired to address those who questioned his mental health amid his controversial stances, but apparently he’s in the same boat as Ice Cube because of his constant battles with the industry, with the media.

Like the majority of the media, has a Godless agenda.

Uniting against one bigger enemy takes a lot of courage, and this is why Kanye West and Ice Cube even moved past their 2022 Feud.

Just last month, the rappers proved that they had buried the hatchet when they were spotted meeting up in Los Angeles.

Ice Cube welcomed Connie to his home, where the two men were spotted enjoying a friendly chat Outdoors.

Their conversation concluded with a warm embrace, during which both of them were seen aiming before Connie headed off.

While many people find it admirable that Cube and Connie decided to unite to face the same enemy, there are other celebrities who work relentlessly to bring down all powerful figures and their accomplices.

50 Cent is another person who believes that ice cube plays with fire when he directly opposes the Shady Elites, as 50 believes it’s better to begin with taking down their handlers, and he himself is currently on the way to destroy Tyler Perry’s Empire of Evil film making and build something better and safer for all artists.

In April, 50 Cent took to Instagram to unveil the space, posting a video in which he is seen standing in the currently bear Studio fifth is taking serious steps trying to take the power back, and he only proved by this project how adamant the rapper is to go against all evil that exists in the industry.

In his video, he said: well, would you look at here 985 000 square feet, can you say G?

On its Studios?

Now, finally, here’s one more person who can’t wait for this toxic air of Hollywood to get purified.

And this controversial appears.

Morgan Morgan has previously called out Hollywood’s Aussie eating hypocrisy over the negative reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

And now he invited Ice Cube to his Chat Show-

Piers Morgan uncensored, where he discusses Hollywood hypocrisy with different celebs.

At the beginning of their interview, Morgan called Ice Cube a bonafied legend and less than a minute after they started to discuss the sad state of the show business and how things can be changed.