Cardi B Alleges LAPD Raided Her Home, Accuses Them of Humiliation, Plans Legal Action (Video).V

Hey, what’s up guys?

How y’all doing today?

Well, baby, if you are cardi B, you have had it up to here with the Lapd.

Listen B says she’s suing the whole Lapd.

She said the police tried to arrest her for blank trafficking and she plans to sue them.

Baby, what is going on in La?

And let me tell y’all something: this is not funny and if even one TI- excuse me, one tenth of what Cardi B says is true, I hope she sues them to Oblivion.

You know I never been a fan of the police harassing anyone except Diddy except Diddy.

I did a live last night.

Y’all go check it out and it’s gonna be a heavy upload dat.

I told you I did more things besides Royal stories, even though I am going to do lots of Royal stories today.

They said, listen to this mess.

Cardi B blames the Lapd.

She claims the Lapd tried to arrest her for blank trafficking and says she plans to sue the authorities as a result of mistreatment on Monday, March 25th.

What was going on Monday?

So the feds was out there showing out Homeland Security at Diddy’s place, and Lapd felt, uh, lonely and was like: no, we do Stu too.

What’s cardi up too, doesn’t matter.

Cardi hopped on Instagram live to talk about a Haring experience she allegedly faced at the hands of the Lapd earlier this month.

Earlier this month, when police approached her home, she said they had all the helicopters in La. why don’t we hear about this?

Yo, I was freaking out.

She said in the video below.

They had me outside for like three hours.

They had me getting but necked outside.

Yo, the is was crazy.

It was dead a a movie or whatever.

But you already know I’m about to sue the Lapd.

I told them, yo, I’m cardi B like, do I look like I got to sell?

Some is like.

Why would I do that?

I would never pull no ish like this.

Let me tell you something, cardi.

Better sue them for all she’s worth.

First thing, first people be saying: why are people so nosy?

Can you tell me how police officers search workers, Sw?

All these people were literally swarming cardi bees, I assume either house or rental property.

Um, wherever she was in La and TMZ- and nobody picked this up.

It sounds like suppression.

It sounds like the Lapd knew they messed it up, because I feel like if they had found anything, Harvey would have been like-

Sources say Cardi B, but because it was completely buried and we didn’t even know Cardi had these problems until she told us.

That leads me to believe that the Lapd knew they messed up and cardi B had to.


And Cardi B is has a right to sue them- this is messed up.

Listen to this.

She said they had me outside for three hours.

They made her strip down.

It was like a movie y’all, and she’s like I’m cardi

B. she continued.

They didn’t believe me.

It was some white cops and they- and they ain’t know who I was.

It was really tough on me and everything they said, somebody gave them a clue.

I really feel like it was one of my Ops and ish like they were really trying to like they really trying to ruin my life, type ish like y’all.

Don’t even eing know.

I’ve been going through a lot lately.

Yo, this better not be somebody swatting Cardi B, because I don’t understand even.

First of all, with the swatting is dangerous.

Somebody could actually pass away.

Somebody could really be seriously hurt, especially in La. a lot of people carry in their private residents and the police don’t care sometimes.

But second of all, why were the police going in like Rambo over a random clue, which makes me think it’s not the Ops.

It makes me think the same way.

Remember what they did to Ace hat, Rocky and Rihanna when she was like literally nine and a half months pregnant, swarmed him, raided his home, did all stuff because they thought they thought they thought they were going to find something.

They see a bunch of Rich, my opinion, rich people who are black, brown, whatever, and they’re just like: yeah, that can’t be good.

They messing up their money somehow and-

And I believe that’s what they do- if the clue was swats, whoever swatted cardi, you are going to jail.

You already know Cardi don’t play, you know she don’t let things go.

And the fact that they had her outside for three hours and made her strip down naked, oh baby, if you swatted her, you going down.

Now, if it’s the Lapd liing Tom on, we got a clue, and the clue is them looking at themselves in the mirror, being like who you think did it.

Yeah, me too, Cardi.

Yeah, me too, having conversations with themselves in their bathroom mirror.

They are going down again, I they.

I do not think this was a random clue, like they said.

It was because let’s look at the actual like.

Um, the actual thing about it.

If it was just a clue, why would you have helicopters?

Why would you pull her outside?

Why would you swarm the place?

Why would you make her strip down naked for a clue?

You either had evidence and you didn’t have evidence, and, judging by what Cardi says, you had zero evidence.

Now dou